Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Beginning - The First Path to Insight

To give you a little background about me, I have been blogging off and on in spells. Pretty much when I was in High School, it became an addictive pattern. Its weird and some people may dislike blogging/journaling. But its interesting how you look back multiple years ago and see how your mindset was and you compare it with your current counterpart. With time being the factor being your friend or foe, will one stay true of change? I think no matter how much you would like to say you are remaining the same, everything is changing about you. There are some things like memories and personality traits you hold dear to you. Others and from the environment that is around you modifies you and shapes you to who you are. I had a journal with blurty and got banned for profanity. I was age 14 at the time. When I stepped into high school, I got familiar with Xanga and Myspace for blogging. I dislike facebook because it used to be personal and facebook exploits your privacy. So most people know who you are and your back is always open. Pretty much to give a simple intro about me, I am 22 years of age and still job hunting in this competitive economy. Meanwhile I am a pet lover and I have 2 dogs and a cat. Chester is my 6 year old tabby cat, Pepper is 4 year old chihuahua and Sasha is 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Before I was into MMORPGs [Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games], I used to blog, game, chill and take it easy. One of the reasons why I am back on here was to give blogging a shot again. 6 Months ago I got together with a special person who is very dear to me. Past relationships and what not, there was reoccurring and childish drama.  Of course every relationship has their ups and downs, however I feel at ease with my partner and I love Mitsuru to the fullest. On a personal note, I got re-addicted to anime again thanks to one of my old friends Hiro. I am pretty much open to any anime suggestions.

Hopefully along the way I can get to come across vast entries, simple and complex. The world is full of surprises and the skies are the limit. You only live life once, take each chance and enjoy it to the best.


My first intro entry was rushed, but meanwhile all that really happened was this. Went to the store and the new neighborhood staple opened. The Pizzeria, Burger your way and subway in one place. The place is so huge and full of people. Also the people who I knew that used to work in the neighborhood pizza place was closed. At the time while the neighborhood pizza places were closed, I would order papa johns. I decided to get 2 slices of pizza. Huge as heck and I enjoyed it. Franchised Pizza I got sick of it. Nothing beats pizzeria pizza. Pretty much my plans for tonight is to log on GP Latale and check on my guildies at Adrenaline and probably watch more anime.

Anime Personal Goals:
Completed Tenjou Tenge and watched The Past Chapter with the 2 OVA Episodes
Completed 2/12 Episodes of Princess Lover!
Checking out Ikki Tousen, K-ON!, FairyTail and open for suggestions.


Trying to edit my blogger layout and Blogger is being epic fail right now. I get back to it when I feel like it.


Mitsuru said...

Love you babe, nice blog <3

razortek said...

tl;dr bro following 'n' supportin' ;)


The State of Human Intelligence said...

Cool story bro. Showing support!


razortek said...

showing support ;) change posts color lol xD


Swift Love said...

what a good morning read!