Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to Necro this blog from the past. Inside the mind of a Maverick

From now on this will be from the point of view of Latale's Maverick. For those who hate me, the [X] is on the upper right hand corner. So proceed with caution if you get butthurt easily.

Some people would ask what is a [GA]? The position mean't Game Assistant but when the [GM]'s gave us forum titles we became Game Advisors. Pretty much a new spin to what the position which meant the same thing. Some players would ask, how did I become a GA? It was about a month or two (not to sure) when a good friend of mine passed away. So I get a PM from [GA]Breeg asking if I was busy. I wasn't busy really, I was talking to my girlfriend at the time. [GA]Breeg tells me that I was recommended to become a [GA] due to how I contributed to the community. Around that time I goofed off on forums and advertised my Armor Crafting services. During the golden days when Colisseum Equips weren't considered the best. Hell they didn't even exist. Originally I never wanted to become a GA. I was talking to Mitsuruchan and she was like to me, its up to you. I will support your decision and be there for you all the way.

So then I met up with [GM]Ussuri and had the interview. I forgot what questions was asked other than the typical how did you hear of Latale? How is yor ingame experience and how long have you been with OGP. After I told him that I have been around Latale since closed Beta, Previously played rumble fighter, tried out cabal, pangya (formerly albatross 18). He liked what he heard from me and was impressed due to my ingame experience as well as asked me hypothetical questions. Such as how would you handle a hostile mob of raging players. Pretty much I know my limits, I enjoy being helpful but I'm no superman. If its something beyond my reach, I would advise a player on how to approach the situation and guide them to the right people for the job.

Around November 2010 the truth was revealed. [GA]OrngChow and I became GA's at the same time. My initial reaction was like wtf I found out who he was. He didn't turn out to be that much of a bad guy, first impressions aren't everything but they can set the mold. I looked up to [GA]Breeg as a mentor from back in my early days. She would tell me what to do, my role and how everyone is a different type of GA. She made me take a personality type test and it was interesting. A month or 2 after I got banned for trolling the RF forums. But back in those days there was forumwars. LaTale vs Rumble Fighter vs LostSaga vs Zone4 vs RedStone. Redstone and Z4 were quiet to themselves while LS was neutral. LT would be at the mature side of the spectrum while RF is immature as fuck. I swear their forums are nothing but a sesspool of trolls.

I had my supporters, and I got investigated for the situation. I did my time and came out. I was ingame banned for 2 days but forum acct was suspended and bugged. I'm like whatever I'm happy to play again. I got reported a few more times due to hater drama and Q.Qing. I got investigated by Ussuri but nothing was done on my end to get banned again.

Let's move up to speed here, current day valentines day of 2012. If your single its single awareness day. If your taken then your taken, that was typical. 2 years has passed, and a lot has changed. Valentine's Day is bittersweet for me, its my aunts birthday and the day my uncle died.

Its already a year and some change that I have been a GA. Its an awesome experience but its more responsibility. Anyone could helpout a player and move on. However its the responsiblity and credibility that goes along with it as well as what we stand for. GAs are under the radar constantly and things are more stricter on our end. Some players would think the GA's are a bunch of players who kiss GM ass. Call it how you want it, opinions are like assholes and some of them stink. Its just awesome to see a players suggestion become a reality. Latale has been enjoyable with the GAs to help with the GMs. We take in some info and pretty much see how the game needs to improved and we report it to the GMs as well. If the GMs approve it, usually the players would benefit.

Explorer > Gunslinger > Duelist/Judgement(Bladeslinger) bores me

Explorer > Treasure Hunter > Ruin Walker/Rogue Master is awesome.

Luckily my title was able to get switched to my Ruin Walker and I have a stablized main char. It used to be on my Duelist/Judgement.

Now let's talk about my guild, TrueHeaven is a level 9 neutral guild. I became the leader surprisingly and it developed well. Marisa, Pin, Saul and James are my vices and I'm picky with my vices. This guild wouldn't be the way it is, if it wasn't for them along with the members. For those who are interested in joining, here's the url

True Heaven

This is when things will get messy, lost a friend after a nasty fallout. I was pretty close to her and surprisingly we mended things. Of course it will never be the same but the memories were awesome. I sometimes wonder if she gives a damn or what am I to her. I wonder if she's really my friend or just a aquaintance. Can you say Karma is a bitch, I do something and it comes back to me. Maybe I deserved it and I got an idea of how she felt like. Like every normal person, I have my enemies as well as my haters and supporters. This is when I go into lolrantmode

How can you friend a broad who is fake. She is so inflated off of her ego, god it makes me sick to my stomach. If her and I were left on this earth, I would kill myself and never do anything with her.  (Lol nobodys worth killing yourself over) Some say she's actually an amazing interlectual person. I thought she was cool at one point but I tried to compliment her on her guitar. She just ignored me, stuck up broad xD. If she was sick and injured, I would leave her ass to rot. (Will I really? My conscience will kick my ass if I wouldn't help out) People know where you stand with me, sometimes I give second chances since first impressions can vary. I may be headstrong but I'm not a total jerk. She probally dislikes me because 1 I'm a GA, 2 I trolled her and 3 shes complicated. (Why you gotta make things so complicated, yeayeayeayea)

Grinding fucking sucked yesterday, for fucks sake. My afternoon party had to get replaced soo many times. NoctisTomatsu ditched and did the cinnamon challenge and BugsByesToYou talked soo much shit and bandwagoned with him. iMotocrime and Icyslash ditched too as well. I was about to give up on my prime, Chris and Branden helped me in my last 10 mins and I leveled. I owe it to those 2 for helping out. Night grinding fucking sucked,it was a decent party but my computer decided to herpaderp on me. 1 my comp froze, I tried to get back online but 20 fucking mins were wasted. I felt so bad and horrible, I recruited for a party and had connection issues. Sorry for wasting your prime Joie (*says her name* Joieeeeeee xD) I forgot the ign of the 2 other people, but I brought them all primes and gave them a peach for wastng their time. Those guys were nice and actually waited, I was astonished. I spoken to Messah and she was like to me, a peach is understandable but a prime is too much. Minor setback but I can farm and hit 19x easily. I pray to god my comp doesn't pull this stupid shit again. I'm just laying in bed and watching Zoey 101. Let's see what today brings me. //edit My phone has died and I just woke up. Eariler was a big ass post due to what was on my mind. I am debating if I should change my layout. (Its been soo long since I messed with HTML/CSS, I wonder if I still have it in me.) At the moment I will menton my rundown of what I have in store. -Getting Hitched on Valentines Day(Dear did you finish that HW already or your going to say eff the HW). -Farming to get back some ely for primes. Its probally going to be one of those chill days or maybe grind(I hope I don't have a shitty party or any ditchers or if my comp herpaderps on me) -Cook my dogs a batch of some chicken and oatmeal and then blend it.